Areas We Serve: Lutz, FL

Tampa Day School provides a truly exceptional educational environment for students with mild to moderate learning disabilities, dyslexia, anxiety, or ADHD, in grades 3-8. Because our philosophy about the best way to help students with these issues is so unique and effective, we draw families from a very wide circle around Tampa. Many of our Lutz students and parents make the commute to Tampa Day School in 20 minutes or less.

What Makes Tampa Day School Different

Our teachers work hard to coordinate and collaborate with engaged parents like you. Our faculty members have top credentials and expertise in crafting individualized learning plans for every student. We are eager to get to know your child and understand their particular needs.

We want our students and your family to flourish when it comes to education, and partnering with you is such a privilege for us. As we uncover and honor the individual learning needs of each student, school can become an adventure for them, not a chore. Our approach to learning is compelling, so we invite you to keep exploring the differences at Tampa Day School.

About Lutz, FL

If you’re new to the area or considering a move to Lutz, FL, you will find it has the relaxed and rural charms of “Old Florida,” but easy access to premium amenities and the tremendous development happening all around northern Tampa. This is an exciting time of new growth in the area, and Tampa Day School is delighted to welcome our Lutz neighbors as a part of our community!

Getting to Tampa Day School

Lutz is situated just north and east of our campus at 12606 Henderson Road, Tampa, FL, 33625. Come for a tour, or join us at an upcoming Open House Event. If you are just getting to know us, there is so much more to share with you, and we have all kinds of questions about your hopes, needs, and goals. Download our Parent Info Packet now for more of an overview and answers to some of the most common questions we hear.