Who benefits from our ADHD Support Program?

  • Are your child’s assignments not getting completed on time?
  • Does he study for hours, but still doesn’t pass the test?
  • Is your child smart, but disorganized?
  • Does your child forget to write down an assignment or writes down the assignment and doesn’t do it? Does your child write down the assignment, complete the work, and then forget to hand it in?
  • Are homework hassles destroying your family?

If the answer to one or more of these questions is yes, we have the program you need. We know that students with ADHD want to succeed but do not always have the time management, organizational, or study skills necessary to keep up with the daily demands of school. The education team at Learning Solutions is experienced in working with students who often lack basic organization and executive functioning skills to help them realize success each and every day.

How does the program work?

Learning Solutions will provide your child with the tools he or she needs to be better prepared in school. The small group or individualized course teaches students to use time more efficiently and to study smarter, not harder. Specifically, our ADHD Support Program helps students to:

  • Organize and manage study time
  • Organize learning space and materials
  • Identify their personal learning style
  • Learn strategies to gain more information from reading assignments
  • Gain strategies for breaking down assignments into “do-able” steps to keep from feeling overwhelmed

Since students with ADHD benefit from hands-on, relevant learning, we offer coaching during the academic year using the materials that are already available to them (i.e. planners, textbooks, writing assignments, etc.), and then work with them to find more effective ways to work with those materials.

Our tutors work closely with each student’s classroom teacher(s) to clarify expectations, and also with the student’s parents to optimize the home environment to ensure success. It’s often not about managing the student, but about structuring the environment to promote success!

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