2023-2024 Mandatory Uniform Policy

All Tampa Day School students are required to follow the Dress Code. Our uniform allows many student choices while ensuring students are neatly and appropriately dressed for learning. The school expects all students to be dressed in appropriate uniforms every day. Students not following the dress code will not be allowed to attend classes. If a student is out of uniform, the parent may be called to bring the appropriate clothing in. If we cannot contact a parent, a uniform will be provided to the child for the day from our clothes closet. The Dress Code Will Be Strictly Enforced.

Child in school uniform (red) shirt smiles at Tampa Day School.
The uniform for Tampa Day School students consists of the following:

Regular School Uniform (To be worn on all non-P.E. days).

SHIRTS-TDS Logo Polo Shirts in red, black, or white (shirts are available in cotton/knit or dry fit).

BOTTOMS: Solid Khaki (only) long pants or long shorts (Fingertip length). Girls may wear khaki shorts or skirts (appropriate length). These can be purchased at any local store or from the uniform providers. Tight-fitting shorts, leggings, running pants, sweatpants, etc., are NOT allowed.

Physical Education Uniform (to be worn on scheduled P.E. days only)
  • P.E. clothes are available for purchase at Tampa Day School.
  • SHIRTS: red, Dri-fit t-shirts with Tampa Day School logo
  • P.E. Shorts: solid black “basketball” shorts (Girls are a slightly different cut) with the Tampa Day School logo. NO SUBSTITUTES-They must be school-issued shorts. NO “yoga” shorts, leggings, running pants, etc.
  • EXCEPTIONS: On very cold days (rarely in Florida), we allow students to wear regular solid black/loose-fitting sweatpants instead of their P.E. Shorts (P.E. days only). If girls wear leggings on cold days, they must wear TDS P.E. shorts on top.

To and from school and on the playing fields, students may wear any jacket/sweatshirt. However, they will be asked to remove it once inside the building if it is not in the regular uniform.


We try to keep our indoor temperature comfortable for all students; however, we realize that some students occasionally prefer to wear sweaters or sweatshirts. If your child needs to wear a sweatshirt/sweater inside the building, those must be solid red, black, or white (With or without the TDS logo). No other colors, types of jackets/coats, or brand-name clothing may be worn while inside the building.


To prevent injuries, shoes must be securely fastened to the feet. Flat-heeled and closed-toed shoes must be worn at all times. Athletic shoes are acceptable, worn with socks. For P.E. classes, gym shoes must be worn to be considered in uniform. Crocs are not acceptable at any time.


Students are not allowed to wear hats or hoods while inside the building.

Dress Down Days

We occasionally celebrate local sports teams and holidays with specified “dress down” days. Clothing must still be school appropriate:” NO tank tops, torn jeans, short skirts, or revealing clothing.

PLEASE WRITE THE STUDENT’S NAME ON ALL CLOTHING WITH A PERMANENT MARKER, especially jackets, sweatshirts, and sweaters.

  • Body Piercings: pierced ears only
  • Tattoos: No visible tattoos
  • Hair: Hair colored with an obviously “fake” color (pink, purple, etc.) is prohibited. Natural-looking hair colors only.

The Tampa Day School administration reserves the right to determine whether clothing/jewelry is appropriate for the classroom and is not disruptive to the school environment. Students may not change into other clothes before leaving campus.

Female Student  sits outside and smiles during recess at Tampa Day School
Purchase a TDS school uniform at the following

BBS Sportswear-Choose “Tampa Day School.”

Tommy Hilfiger-Enter Partner code TAMP01 or search Tampa Day School

Lands End-Enter partner code 900048349 or search Tampa Day School

Spirit Day Shop– On Fridays, students can wear Tampa Day School Hawks shirts/sweatshirts with Khaki bottoms.

*Please note Khaki bottoms can be purchased anywhere (Uniform website, Target, Walmart etc.)

**P.E. clothes are available for purchase at Tampa Day School