Essential Electives

All students in grades 2-6 are introduced to daily exercises which include the fine arts, performing arts, technology, and physical education. Students in grade 7-8 are able to deepen their personal areas of interests by participating in a myriad of courses ranging from team sports, digital photography, 3-D printing, theater and improv, technical theater, drama, ceramics, drawing and painting, app coding, robotics, and others. Based on our research and our TDS philosophy, daily recess remains an essential part of the program for all grades.

The Arts

At Tampa Day School, we understand that the value of arts education goes far beyond the classroom. Students learn to express themselves creatively through our arts classes. There, they strengthen their creativity, growth mindset, cognitive and problem-solving skills, social skills, communication, self-confidence, self awareness, and an increase their knowledge, appreciation, and contributions of diverse cultures and the arts.

Currently we offer Performing and Visual Arts

Physical Education

All students participate in physical education each week. This is in addition to their daily recess time. In PE, students work and play cooperatively. They develop motor skills, self discipline, cooperation, team work, strength building and problem solving skills plus so much more.


All students utilize 1-1 devices for daily instruction to develop technology literacy skills and engage in responsible use of technology. Students use technology to support academic instruction through research, publishing, communicating ideas, and creating mind maps. They regularly use Google Docs, Google Classroom, Seesaw and other web-based programs to experience the world beyond the classroom.

We also offer Technology as an elective course. Students work on their technical agility and take classes such as Robotics, Coding, App Building, and 3-D Printing.

Athletics & Team Sports

Tampa Day School is a small school with a large after school sports program, competing with other local private schools through the Florida West Coast League (FWCL). We offer 13 competitive JV and Varsity teams in cross country, soccer, volleyball, basketball, track, flag football, and street hockey. Students are able to develop their athletic abilities and learn important lessons in leadership and sportsmanship.

Fall Sports

  • Cross Country- boys and girls
  • Soccer- Varsity and Jr. Varsity
  • Girls’ Volleyball
  • Basketball- Varsity and Jr. Varsity

Spring Sports

  • Track- boys and girls
  • NFL Flag Football (5 on 5)
  • Basketball

After School Clubs

  • Fencing
  • Chess
  • Minecraft
  • App Building
  • Coding
  • Robotics
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Flag Football
  • Art
  • Cooking
  • Lacrosse
  • Art
  • Cooking
  • Soccer
  • Yoga