At Tampa Day School, students who learn differently benefit from a unique environment and teachers who specialize in proven educational approaches.

On our campus, children struggling with ADHD learn how to develop stronger attention and better organizational skills. They are encouraged by positive teachers who understand their unique challenges, and as a result, experience increased self-esteem.

Program Highlights

Classrooms Designed for Success

Our learning environments are designed specifically to minimize distractions. Small groups (8-10 average per class) gather in engaging yet structured classrooms. This allows for prioritizing responsibilities and completing assignments in an organized manner.  Through individualized attention and targeted support, students gain the confidence and motivation to achieve their potential.

A Focus on Skill Mastery

All students should learn how to be good stewards of their time. Our class periods facilitate this important skill. By separating the day into chunks, students move through their assignments and master critical skills, which we find just as important as academic grades or test scores. In fact, some of our classes (Grade 3) are ungraded, meaning teachers and students can focus fully on skill-building.

An Individualized Approach

The highly experienced teachers at Tampa Day School are trained to implement an individualized program for each student. Utilizing multisensory learning approaches, they understand and accommodate, working through each child’s unique challenges and building on their creative individuality. Continual professional development in new teaching strategies ensures the use of the most effective curriculum methodology.

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Are you looking for a school where your child will receive an excellent education and positive reinforcement? A place that does not view his or her ADHD as a roadblock to future success?

We invite you to explore all that Tampa Day School has to offer. Built upon a rich, 45-year history of educating students who learn differently, we can help your child develop the skills they need to thrive in the classroom, as well as a genuine love for learning.

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Learn more about ADHD on our ADHD Fact Sheet.