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In 2020-21, we celebrated our 50th Anniversary, a significant milestone in the school’s history!  We have worked diligently to maintain our founder’s reputation for excellence in private school education and specialized tutoring and continue to exude a passion for doing school the Tampa Day Way!  


Tampa Day School was founded by Joan Schabacker in South Tampa as the Tampa Reading Clinic and Day School in 1970. It was designed as a tutoring program and a small school for children with reading difficulties, serving students in the first through fifth grade.  TDS has remained a relatively small program with a strong sense of community, specialized instruction, and small class sizes.

Students in group make formation with fingers as they look into the camera.


Today, TDS is recognized as the premier Tampa Bay Area private school for capable students who, in order to thrive, need a little something more than the traditional approach to a college prep education.  Our students benefit from the personalized experience made possible by small class sizes, engaging learning environment, differentiated instruction and ongoing support of highly-trained teachers.

Two female students laughing during break at school.

In addition to the Day School Program, our research-based reading intervention program has also grown rapidly since 1997. Designed to remediate Dyslexia and other reading difficulties, our Learning Solutions program provides one-on-one and small group intensive instruction during the school day, after school hours, and throughout the summer. The program also provides academic tutoring in all areas, math intervention and training in study and organizational skills.