UPPER ELEMENTARY School: Grades 5-6

What do you want your child’s upper elementary experience to look like?

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If you’re like other parents we talk to, you want your child to grow in independence and successfully transition to middle school. We understand that this is a critical time of growth. Is your child is not receiving the support they need, falling through the cracks, or worse — developing anxiety about academic and social demands? Tampa Day School Understands the unique needs of students as they navigate their pre-teen years.

Tampa Day School Understands the unique needs of students as they navigate their pre-teen years. We Honor our students by providing them with tools, strategies, and study skills, enabling them to Achieve as they build self- confidence and self-advocacy.  

Below, you’ll find a brief overview of what we offer, including:

The School Culture
Academic Approach and Offerings
Why Parents Choose TDS

What questions do you have about our program?

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A culture that optimizes achievement.

How is Tampa Day School different? We’ve intentionally built a positive culture where students who were previously struggling in school can fall in love with learning. How do we do it?

  • A strong relationship is built between students and their team of teachers who work closely with students and families over a two year period, getting to know each student’s strengths, learning styles, interests, and developing goals along the way.  
  • Our small class sizes (10-12 students) encourages cooperative learning which leads to academic engagement and assures that each student actively contributes and does not fall through the cracks.
  • Varied instructional techniques that include: interactive notebooks, hands-on projects and research done on campus, presentation, and Google Classroom integrated through the use of 1-1 iPads.
  • Students are taught “how” to study through the use of academic games, mindmapping, study guides, graphic organizers, and visual and mnemonic strategies.
  • Daily Homework lab offers a designated time at the end of each school day where students learn time management and personal responsibility by completing homework on campus, receiving help from their teachers as needed.  Parents and students love it!
  • A robust offering of extracurriculars  and competitive sports, including 7 competitive sports teams, and clubs such as fencing, cooking, dance, and chess.
  • We help students navigate the social scene, which is important at this age level for building positive social connections, fostering a growth mindset, and teaching conflict resolution.
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Education Tailored to Your Child

We believe each child is unique in the way they learn. Therefore, our instructional approach is not one-size-fits-all: we consider how your child learns best and incorporate classroom strategies that speak to their learning style. Mind mapping, visual aids, hands-on activities, mnemonic devices, note-taking strategies, and role play are a few ways we keep our students engaged with their peers. 

A few things students (and parents!) love about the TDS approach:
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Built-in breaks throughout the day help students de-stress and unwind. Snack, recess, games, and social time outside the classroom encourage focused energy inside the classroom!

Daily electives help spark new passions and create a well-rounded learning experience. Students explore performing art, fine arts, physical education and technology through daily electives. 

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As a Google Classroom school, technology is used to enhance lessons and increase engagement. Each classroom uses an interactive display (Smart Board), JAM board, and academic games. Some of our technology-focused electives include video game design, robotics,3D printing and STEM. 

We want your child to develop a passion for reading and writing! During reading classes teachers work on improving comprehension and developing the joy of reading as they explore different genres. Our teachers’ passion for reading is contagious. Our students rise to the reading challenges set quarter. Students engage in the writing process as they become authors that share their thoughts, interests and research while learning the skills of brainstorming, drafting, revising, editing, publishing and ultimately sharing their creative works with peers.  .  . Students are encouraged to explore topics and subjects that interest them. Each semester, they research a project (think: sharks, baseball pitches, airplane designs) and present what they have learned to their peers.

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Words from a TDS Parent

Tampa Day School knows how to boost your child’s self-esteem! My daughter came in from another school feeling like she was different and not smart. We had her tested and she is a gifted child-  she was not being taught the way her brain works. She has thrived so much at Tampa Day School from the teachers giving her the confidence that she is super intelligent and can accomplish whatever she puts her mind to. I love how the teachers and children are all so kind to each other — it’s like one big happy family. I could not be happier about the choice we made to move her to Tampa Day.


Meet a Teacher

Cynthia Carey

Cynthia Carey

Years of Experience: 16 years

Years at TDS: 6 years

“The moment you walk through the front door of Tampa Day School, you realize that it is a place like no other. After teaching in other schools during my career, I can wholeheartedly say that TDS ‘walks the walk.’ It is truly a place where students come first, and everyone is honored for their unique abilities. The small class sizes enable us to determine how each student learns best. Teachers are supported and inspired, and we in turn foster a classroom environment in which every child has opportunities to discover their talents and abilities. TDS sets the bar high, both academically and socially. Along with a rigorous curriculum, students learn skills including time management, study skills, decision-making, problem solving, communication, and leadership. The entire  Tampa Day School team is dedicated to our mission to understand and honor our students in order to help them achieve and they do it with passion.”

See for Yourself!

We believe the best way to determine if Tampa Day School is the right fit for your child is to come and see our campus in person. You’ll have a chance to meet some of our teachers, your child’s peers, and see how we can meet your child’s learning needs. Register for an Open House.