Summer 2024 Intensive Reading:

One-to-One Instruction

Summer information 2024

Tampa Day School has been successfully teaching reading to children who have not succeeded with traditional instructional approaches for over four decades. We are pleased to be Tampa Bay’s premier resource for an intensive, one-to-one instructional summer reading program.  Our program differs from traditional approaches to remediate reading by integrating the senses of hearing, seeing, and feeling to promote further reading development. These multi-sensory, comprehensive strategies are based on reading research and target skills in phonemic awareness, phonics, spelling, reading fluency, vocabulary development, writing, higher-order thinking skills, and comprehension. Utilizing the appropriate strategies and your child’s learning profile, a unique treatment plan is designed to meet your child’s specific needs and maximize individual gains.

Program Format:

During the summer program, children receive four individual instruction sessions each day, five days a week, for five weeks. Detailed lesson plans are written every week, and a log of every session is recorded. Parents are welcome to preview our program and/or your child’s sessions during the program.

Which Children Benefit from our Program:

  • The child with a diagnosis of Dyslexia
  • The child who has never grasped initial reading skills and has difficulty decoding words
  • The child who reads the words accurately but does not understand what he/she reads
  • The child who reads haltingly, lacking fluency and speed
  • The older student who exhibits significant reading difficulties, despite years of instruction

How your child’s needs are assessed:

We administer an extensive reading assessment for pre and post-measurement as part of our summer program.  In some cases, it is beneficial to have access to a full educational evaluation, including cognitive processing measures, to assess your child’s underlying strengths and areas of weakness.

Once your child’s specific reading needs have been identified through our assessment process, an individual remediation plan is developed to address those specific needs.  Intervention strategies will target your child’s weaknesses in phonemic awareness, word attack, spelling, sight words, reading fluency, reading accuracy, reading comprehension, oral comprehension, and written language skills.

2024 Program Dates and Times

Hours:  Mondays – Fridays, 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Dates:  June 10-July 12

**Most students attend the entire five-week session. However, a two-hour session might be better suited for younger students based on program availability.

Program Cost

Five-week program: $7,788

Cost Includes:

  • 96 sessions at $78 per session
  • $300 administrative fee to cover pre-and post-reading assessments
  • Final written comprehensive progress report
  • Parent feedback conference
  • Post-program materials for home
  • An $800 non-refundable deposit is due with registration. The remaining balance is due in full on or before May 27, 2024

How Can I Register?

2024- Reading- Summer Registration

Registration for the intensive summer reading intervention program begins on Tuesday, January 9, 2024, and must include the $800.00 non-refundable deposit. Acceptance of registration materials does not guarantee enrollment in the program. Students must meet minimum testing qualifications to be considered for the full-time program, and space is limited. Deposit fees will be returned if your child is not accepted into the program.

Please download and complete the registration form and mail it to the address below, along with your $800.00 deposit. If current cognitive and achievement testing is available, please submit it along with registration.

Learning Solutions at Tampa Day School, 12606 Henderson Road, Tampa, FL,  33625, Attn: Patricia Soloski

Once your application is received, a staff member from the Learning Solutions office will call you to discuss program details, schedule pre-assessment testing, and any additional educational evaluations that are required.

For additional questions, call the Learning Solutions Office at 813-269-2100 x103 or email