Children With Dyslexia

See how Tampa Day School helps dyslexic students feel more confident in school.

Tampa Day School has been teaching students who learn differently for the past 45 years, including those who struggle with dyslexia. Our private school, located in the Citrus Park area of Tampa, Florida, has combined a personalized approach with proven teaching methods to help students gain the confidence they need to succeed. Our teachers have specialized training in dyslexia and know how to incorporate research-based strategies into daily classroom instructional practices. At Tampa Day School, children with dyslexia begin to look forward to coming to school again.


The Tampa Day School Difference

Program Benefits

Our individualized program offers many benefits that other schools may not be able to provide for your child, such as:

  • Small class sizes
  • A welcoming environment
  • Teachers that have the knowledge to help students learn how to overcome the challenges associated with dyslexia
  • Teachers who take the time to identify the cause of your child’s reading difficulty
  • Daily, systematic phonetic instruction geared to address your child’s unique phonological weaknesses
  • Lessons tailored to the learning style of your child, rather than enforcing a “one-size-fits-all” approach

Determining if Tampa Day School is a Good Fit for Your Child

If your child has dyslexia, chances are they may struggle with a fear of academic failure and a host of social insecurities as a result of the unique set of challenges they face.

At Tampa Day School, we know that every student can learn to read. They just might learn in very different ways. If your student displays one or more of the following signs of dyslexia, Tampa Day School may be just what they need to boost their confidence and learn how to read!


Signs of Dyslexia

  • Your child struggles with the ability to detect and manipulate the sounds in words that are heard.
  • Your child has difficulty learning the sound/symbol relationships essential for sounding out words.
  • Your child relies on memorization, sight word reading, and/or guessing when it comes to reading words.
  • Your child becomes frustrated when reading and dreads being asked to read.
  • Your child suffers from feelings of inadequacy and loses self-confidence around their peers.
  • Your child displays feelings of anxiety or depression or acts out as a result of their challenges.

If you’re ready to see your child regain the confidence they once had before entering their fight with dyslexia, enroll them in Tampa Day School and watch them learn to read in their own way and experience the gratification of academic success!


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To learn more about dyslexia, check out our Dyslexia Fact Sheet.




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Jennifer is graduating in a few weeks. Something that was hard to conceive 5 years ago. A big turning point in Jen’s academic and social life was when she enrolled at Tampa Day School…we credit your great guidance and your great teachers with putting Jen back on the right track.

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