Reading Remediation

Discover how Tampa Day School’s reading remediation program helps improve reading and comprehension skills.

Our one-to-one reading remediation program gets results.

Our intensive one-to-one reading remediation program has been used successfully to teach reading to children who have not succeeded in traditional reading programs. This program helps to close the gap between a student’s current performance and his or her academic potential.

Who does it benefit? This program is designed to improve the reading, spelling, and comprehension skills of:

  • Children with dyslexia
  • Children who have never grasped initial reading skills and have difficulty decoding words
  • Children who read words accurately but do not understand what they read
  • Children who read haltingly, lacking fluency and speed
  • Older children who exhibit significant reading difficulties, despite years of instruction

Once your child’s specific reading needs have been identified through our assessment process, an individual plan that is tailored to those needs is designed. Your child’s individual plan for remediation is then addressed through a combination of specific reading intervention strategies designed to target weaknesses in phonemic awareness, word attack, spelling, sight words, reading fluency, reading accuracy, reading comprehension, oral comprehension, and written language skills.

Our reading intervention program uses several different components to remediate reading difficulties. All of our programs are research-based, and your child’s plan may include strategies from a variety of nationally recognized reading programs such and methods such as Orton Gillingham, Barnell Loft Specific Skills series, Great Leaps, Visual Tracking, Soar to Success, Vanilla Vocabulary, etc…

Reading Remediation with Results

  • One-to-one instruction with a highly skilled Reading Clinician
  • Concentrated reading time, from one hour daily to four hours per day if necessary
  • Integration of the senses of hearing, seeing, and feeling to promote reading development
  • Utilization of research-based materials
  • Incorporation of assessments for routine progress monitoring
  • Pre-testing and post-testing of students using standardized measurement tools
  • Kids smile, Moms sigh with relief, and Dads cry when the child says, “Mom, Dad – can I read this book to you?”

Our intensive reading intervention is available through the Learning Solutions program at Tampa Day School throughout the academic year and during the summer.

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