“I just wanted to relay a conversation that I had with Liam on our car ride. I asked him how he liked it at TDS now that he has been here a while. His responses (abbreviated but basically his words): ‘I am learning so much more - we actually do social studies and science. I can actually ask questions and get answers. We do lots of fun things and people are more relaxed. And think I am actually smart for the first time.’ I almost cried. Thank you so much for what you do from two very very grateful parents.” 

-Tampa Day School Parent


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Come see why Tampa Day School is an innovative and highly effective private school for students in Grades 3-8

Discover the opportunities that await your child.

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Infinite Opportunities — Fine arts, performing arts, and athletic activities help students discover their talents and passions.

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Impactful Relationships:  TDS recognizes the importance of strong relationships between teachers and students, as well as relationships among peers.  

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Incomparable Approach: Our approach to education maximizes each student’s potential for success. 

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School is often a frustrating experience for students with dyslexia. Though incredibly creative and bright, your child may have fallen behind in reading, leading to a lack of achievement in other subjects and a loss of confidence in the classroom. Here, we give students the tools necessary to remediate reading challenges and rediscover how exciting learning can be.

Restoring a Love for Learning

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Learning Strategies

Lessons are differentiated to meet the needs of every student. Critical thinking and problem-solving are embedded and practiced across the content areas.

Small Class Sizes

With a maximum of 12 students, teachers work directly with each child and provide constant encouragement.

Meaningful Community

Students and parents discover a community of support at Tampa Day School which creates a positive learning experience.

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