Lois Delaney, Head of School

Dear Parents,

If you are a parent seeking an alternative school for your child who learns differently, we welcome the opportunity to help you on this difficult but hopeful journey.

If my office couch could talk, it would share heartfelt stories of parents on that same journey to find the “best fit” school for their children. Countless families arrive at Tampa Day School after years of frustration and find themselves crying tears of relief when they realize we “get it.” What we “get” is that your child is bright and has many strengths, but has experienced challenges along the way. What we also “get” is that this means we must take a different approach to teaching. It is our hope that every family whose child attends Tampa Day School has the experience of seeing their child grow in competence and confidence, as a student, as a friend, and as a member of the community.

With a 1:12 teacher to student ratio, we are able to focus on your child’s learning style and individual needs, within the context of a grade level curriculum. Using research-based strategies that maximize achievement and student engagement, your child can soar.

Established in 1970, Tampa Day School is one of the country’s premier independent schools for children with ADHD, anxiety or dyslexia. As I approach my 26th year as Head of School, it is my privilege, honor, and passion to lead Tampa Day School. I invite you to see for yourself what has made us nationally known as experts with a passion for students who learn differently.

You have our commitment to understand and honor your child so they can achieve, and we will do that with passion! This is why I love to come to work every day! Your child is worth it!

Lois Delaney, Head of School