Lower Elementary School

Grades 3-4

“School is what kids do for a living — they need to experience success on the job.”

How does your child learn best? In elementary school, many children need a high level of individual attention from teachers who Understand and Honor their unique learning styles so they can Achieve. This not only provides a solid academic foundation, it allows students to discover what it feels like to develop a Passion for learning!

At Tampa Day School, families typically come to us because they feel their child is simply surviving in another learning environment, and they know they are capable of thriving.Tampa Day School is a place where students can rediscover the joy of learning. We recognize students strengths while addressing their challenges.  

Our unique approach

We can help frustrated learners realize their full potential and help them build confidence that may have been lost elsewhere. This is accomplished through: 

  • Small class sizes, where every child is engaged and experiences success daily
  • Schedule intentionally designed  with three periods of Reading and Languages and two periods of math to build foundational skills and foster confidence
  • Collaborative learning activities that help students develop positive relationships with their peers
  • The lower school team brings their experience,  expertise, and enthusiasm to provide a robust grade level academic program, while providing research based  academic intervention for those students who struggle 
  • A hands-on, project-based approach which reaches a variety of learning styles and keeps young students engaged


Tailoring education to meet each child where they are

By emphasizing strengths and teaching kids to utilize the tools that they have, we foster independence and self advocacy from an early age. This all begins with seeking to Understand your child’s unique strengths and learning needs. Some of our incoming students have already received specific diagnoses such as dyslexia, ADHD, or anxiety. Others don’t fit into these categories, but still benefit from our tailored approach to education. 

A few things students (and parents!) love about the TDS approach:

  • Homework Lab — a designated time during the school day for students to receive help with their homework assignments
  • Daily Electives:  Music, Art, Performing Arts and Physical Education
  • Enrichment Period — a customized course for every child that is an opportunity for them to develop key skills and receive support where they need it most
  • Tutoring — one-to-one tutoring available on-site during the day for intensive remediation in reading and math
  • Clubs & Athletics — numerous opportunities for students to explore their interests and develop talents in the arts, sports, and more. 
  • Brain Breaks- research-based breaks built into daily schedules to reduce stress and strengthen peer relations.
  • 1-1 iPad for technology integration


What parents are saying at Tampa Day School 

“Communication has been very impressive. They went above and beyond to incorporate new students into the classroom given our child was only there for five weeks at the end of the school year. He felt very welcomed, comfortable, and safe. Curriculum and a specific way of teaching has already made a profound difference in our son academically and also with his confidence.” – Third Grade Parent

“Consistency of environment. Positive social interactions with classmates. The right level of daily physical activity and physical outlets provided. Being treated with respect and kindness. Teachers who are willing to help when asked or needed. My child now wants to go to school — that says it all.” – Third Grade Parent

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Jennifer is graduating in a few weeks. Something that was hard to conceive 5 years ago. A big turning point in Jen’s academic and social life was when she enrolled at Tampa Day School…we credit your great guidance and your great teachers with putting Jen back on the right track.

David and Monica, Parents of a TDS Alumna
12606 Henderson Road
Tampa, FL 33625