Our Developmental Writing program helps middle and elementary school students sharpen their skills.

Tampa Day School’s writing program provides small group or one-to-one instruction to help students organize their thoughts and become more confident writers.

Who benefits from our Developmental Writing Program?

  • Does your child have great ideas, but can’t get them down on paper?
  • Does your child struggle with organizing his or her thoughts in a sequential, meaningful way?
  • Does your child struggle with the mechanics of writing, including grammar and punctuation?

Our Learning Solutions program for Developmental Writing guides your child through this difficult process, helping your child achieve writing excellence through targeted skills. Students will gain confidence in their writing ability and learn strategies they can employ to enhance their writing. Our program teaches all stages of the writing process, with an emphasis on planning and empowering students to become authors!

Student writing during class

Developmental Writing helps students:

  • Understand basic strategies for expository and narrative writing styles
  • Write in logical thought and sequence structure
  • Express details that enhance their writing
  • Liven passages with interesting sentence structure and vivid words
  • Learn to revise and edit their own work

This writing course is different from traditional courses because reluctant writers need more hands-on, engaging, activity-based strategies like storyboards, graphic organizers, and computer-based programs. The program emphasizes effective, multisensory writing strategies including “Step Up to Writing” (Auman), “Razzle Dazzle Writing” (Forney), and “Inspiration” computer programs.

The Developmental Writing program is offered through small group or one-to-one instruction and is offered throughout the academic year as well as part of our summer Learning Solutions program.

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