Middle School: Grades 7-8

Equipping Students to Thrive in High School & Beyond

Tampa Day School-Middle School-Career Training

From your own experience, you likely understand the significant role middle school can play in shaping your child. The environment they are in will have a tremendous impact during this season of extraordinary growth — physically, emotionally, socially, and academically. Your child will be forming their identity as they learn to embrace their unique talents and interests, and you want to offer them the best learning experience.

The middle school program at Tampa Day School offers much more than a bridge between elementary and high school — it provides students with a growth mindset, the ability to self advocate, and the self esteem to succeed in high school.

Below, you’ll find a brief overview of what we offer, including:

School Culture
Academic Offerings
High School Prep
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A healthy culture for meaningful growth

Middle school can be an overwhelming season as students take on more challenging academics, navigate a complex social scene, and manage fluctuating emotions. Unfortunately, it’s easy for students with ADHD, anxiety, or other learning differences to feel lost in the shuffle at large middle schools. TDS offers a family-like environment where students feel noticed by their teachers, build healthy relationships with peers, and provide students with high academic instruction that will prepare them for high school. 

Boys working on science project in class

Building the Foundation for Future Learning

Our goal is to provide our middle school students with rigorous academics and study skills they will need now and in the future.  At TDS they learn to collaborate to complete long term projects, they are encouraged to think critically, and they learn how to self advocate.  All these skills provide the foundation for academic success in high school.

Teachers who care

Our teachers embody our mission of understanding each child’s strengths and challenges, honoring their unique learning style, and helping them achieve! All of this is done with passion; our teachers truly love what they do.

Middle School teachers prepare for Grad Party
Middle Division Students form lasting friendships, shown here at the annual awards ceremony.

Authentic connections

At TDS, students connect with their peers based on shared interests. It’s a close-knit community where students have a strong sense of belonging.

Building Independence

Students are accountable for completing all assignments on campus.  All projects, research papers, and writing are done at school. Students are taught to be responsible to prepare their own notes and study guides. Parents are amazed by the accomplishments and how independent they have become. 

Boys hold up project for class
Two Middle School Students in lab coats work on a science project.

Built-in Support

Students have the same teachers for 7th and 8th grade. This model builds strong trust, allows for deep awareness of each child’s learning style, and provides strong support. Homework lab is built into the school to school day to encourage the lifelong skill of task completion.

Exploring Passions

Students explore their passions through daily elective classes in The Arts, Performing Art, Digital Arts, Technology, STEM and Physical Education. They are encouraged to participate in competitive varsity team sports and after-school clubs including fencing, chess, cooking and art. They try new things without pressure and get ready for the opportunities ahead in high school. We offer competitive athletics (7 sports teams available), fine arts, and interest-based clubs — cooking, chess, coding, to name a few.

Girl poses for camera in photography class

School environment matters. Where will your middle schooler excel? 

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My wish would be that all students receive the high level of education TDS offers.  It’s not just academics. TDS offers love, support, friendship, and it is like a beautiful, loving and supportive home that you never want to leave.  They have made my son self-assured, provided a sense of belonging, and the notion that ‘he can do it’. My son is better, brighter, positive and much more independent because of TDS.

~ 8th grade parent

Students pose in Head of School's office

Setting them up for success —
today and tomorrow.

We know that you’re already thinking about how your child will do in high school and even college. Our middle school program focuses on:

Graduating class of 2022

Preparing for the Next Step

We offer high school planning to all 8th grade families, working alongside them as they explore high school options.  Students are equipped to take high school entrance exams, and we are proud to see them move onto the public and private high schools of their choice. Middle school teachers at TDS help students understand what to expect over the next four years and even foster conversations about career paths of interest.

Meet a Teacher

Ms. Sofia C. Cowart

Ms. Sofia C. Cowart

Years of Experience: 27 years

Years at TDS: 20 years

“As a middle school teacher, there’s nothing like being invited to an event, and all the former TDS students leave their new high school friends to figure out how you, their former teacher, can sit at the dinner table with them. This is an example of the unbreakable bond TDS teachers have with their students.”

See the Difference for Yourself!

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