The arts are a vital component of the educational experience at Tampa Day School. Through music, visual arts, performing arts, and technical arts, students have a chance to be creative, express themselves, and have fun! These programs not only honor each child’s strengths, but also allow students to experience competence in non-academic areas — a game-changer for many.

When students are struggling academically, arts programs often allow the opportunity to build self-esteem that has been diminished. The motivation fostered through experiencing success in a creative outlet often translates to the classroom and beyond. 

Benefits of arts education include:

  • Opportunities for collaboration
  • Reduced anxiety 
  • Improved communication skills
  • Discovery of new strengths and interests
  • Increased confidence
  • Enhanced focus 
  • Improved visual-spatial skills
  • Links to greater academic achievement

Arts Opportunities Available at TDS

  • Music
    • Reading music
    • Performance
    • Chorus
    • Music history
    • World music
    • Instrument lessons
  • Visual Arts
    • Photography
    • Drawing
    • Painting
    • Sculpting
    • Crafting
  • Performing Arts
    • Theatre
    • Writing plays
    • Performing 
    • Improv
    • Stage Production
    • Dance
    • Annual Talent Show
    • Poetry Writing/Author’s Chair
  • Technology, Arts and Media
    • Video production
    • Graphic design 
    • Video game creation 
    • 3D printing

Most of the arts programs at TDS are integrated into our curriculum and offered during the regular school day as enrichments (grades 2-6) or electives (grades 7-8). Elective choices may vary from year to year. Our afterschool clubs also vary by student interest and have included dance, ceramics, drawing, theatre, and jewelry making.

Arts Events

The entire TDS community enjoys yearly performances, such as our Fall Festival, the Holiday Choral Performance, Author’s Tea and other poetry events, and our Annual Showcase of the Visual Arts at the local Cultural Arts Center. Throughout the year, we host a variety of play productions, improv demonstrations, and exhibits. Our Wax Museum presentations – where students dress up and answer questions from the perspectives of historical Floridians, scientists, explorers, and other figures – are a community favorite!

Discover More On Your Tour

Tampa Day School has so much more than a fantastic arts program! Scheduling a visit is the best way to see it all in action. We look forward to showing you around and sharing more about our unique learning atmosphere for students in grades 2-8.