Executive Functions

Executive Functions are often a concern for students who learn differently.  At Tampa Day School, students learn precise strategies to aid with organization, manage time, and self-regulate behavior. One intervention used is incorporation of frequent “brain breaks” to provide students with an opportunity to move around and give the brain the glucose and oxygen it needs to function properly.  We also provide students with organization tools such as binders and daily planners to help keep track of assignments and to enhance communication between home and school.  Our innovative approach helps to build awareness about Executive Function concerns as well as provide students with the tools to address their unique needs.

Kagan Cooperative Learning

Kagan Cooperative Learning is used to increase engagement, build social skills needed for collaboration, and ensure equal participation. Don’t expect quiet passive learning in this school.  It is commonplace to see students out of their seats, mixing around the class and engaged in academic discussions.  The use of Structures improves social skills, encourages students to collaborate as a team, and facilitates connection with classmates.  When cooperative learning is coupled with direct instruction there is a profound impact on student achievement.

Teach Like a Champion

All of our staff are involved in ongoing professional development activities that focus on 49 instructional techniques designed to transform “good” teachers into “great” teachers. Based on the work of Doug Lemov, author of Teach Like a Champion,  faculty members are trained to maximize time on task and increase student engagement by using techniques such as “Do Now” – activity when students enter the room, “Vegas” – adding novelty and excitement to lessons, and using “Exit Tickets” – to informally assess understanding.  Our educators consistently use these techniques to develop champion students.

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