Why Choose TDS?

There are countless reasons to choose Tampa Day School, but we’ve narrowed it down to six.


Children with learning differences thrive at Tampa Day School.

Tampa Day School’s college-prep education for students in grades K-8 provides renewed hope to bright students who aren’t thriving in traditional school settings. So why is our school the best choice for your child? Here are six reasons:

1. Customized Learning

At Tampa Day School, we recognize that every child has a unique learning style. It is our responsibility to uncover that style and tailor our teaching methods to it. To do this, we create a customized learning plan for each child with learning differences. We share this information with all teachers so that from music to math, from art to science, each child is consistently being presented with ways of learning that work.

2. Specialized Education for Children with Learning Differences

Many of our students have been diagnosed with ADHD/ADD, dyslexia, or an anxiety disorder. These are smart children, they just learn a bit differently and need people who can teach them the way they learn. That’s why we’ve created an environment in which we understand, honor, and accommodate each child’s unique learning style, and we do it with passion (UHA!).

3. Proven Educational Approach For Kids with Learning Differences

  • Small classes (8-12 children per class)
  • Ungraded classrooms with individualized assignments (K-3rd grade)
  • Teaching to skill mastery (not just an academic grade) and learning styles
  • Individualized assessment in proficiency and growth
  • One-to-one tutoring available on-site
  • Speech and language therapist available on-site
  • Occupational therapist available on-site
  • Emphasis on handwriting improvement
  • Personal responsibility for academic success encouraged
  • Positive environment for learning and improving self-esteem
  • Carefully selected teachers and staff who have the talent, knowledge, and sensitivity to effectively teach skills and build self-confidence in children who previously had negative school experiences
  • High level of parent involvement

4. A School Where Children Love to Learn

Stop by our school as kids are arriving for their day. Watch how excited, energetic, and full of life they are. It’s no accident. This is a school where learning is an adventure, not a chore. When kids are treated with dignity, respect, and fairness, their enthusiasm becomes infectious.

Classes are small. Students share their own personal interests and we show them how to weave those interests into their classroom learning. At the end of the day, they come away having experienced success in the learning process and with a readiness to take on more. They might come to Tampa Day School with difficulties, but they leave with improved skills, confidence, and competence.

5. Passionate Educators

Our teachers and staff are a talented and driven group of professionals with top credentials. They possess the passion, experience, and dedication to understand, honor, and accommodate the learning style of each student. Under the inspirational leadership of Lois Delaney, our staff is prepared to make an impact on students, one child at a time.

It’s not what they teach, but how they teach that makes a difference. If a student struggles, it’s the teacher’s goal to find a better way to guide the student toward mastery. Our teachers realize that individual student needs often go way beyond academics, so they use the classroom as an opportunity to have a positive influence on social and emotional issues as well. They are teachers you can talk to, teachers who respond.

6. Strong Parental Community

One of our core beliefs about education is that there is an undeniable bond between home and school life. We realize that parental involvement and communication are critical, and therefore have adopted an open door policy to parents. We have established multiple options for parent-staff communication to accommodate families with varying time constraints, and make ourselves available to parents to resolve concerns as quickly as possible.

We encourage parents to visit during school hours and get involved with classroom activities, our parent organization, and/or the many field trips and events scheduled throughout the year. We host numerous family-oriented events and welcome the support of parent volunteers to promote the involvement of family members. In our experience, parents, teachers, administrators, and most importantly, students, benefit from trusting, collaborative home-school relationships. Students see these personal connections and are encouraged to perform well in school and interact in a similar manner with classmates.

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Jennifer is graduating in a few weeks. Something that was hard to conceive 5 years ago. A big turning point in Jen’s academic and social life was when she enrolled at Tampa Day School…we credit your great guidance and your great teachers with putting Jen back on the right track.

David and Monica, Parents of a TDS Alumna
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