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Tampa Day School is an accredited, specialized school for students in grades 2-8 with mild to moderate learning disabilities, dyslexia, anxiety, and ADHD. We teach the same material as traditional schools, but with small class sizes, a personalized approach, and specialized programs.
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Tampa Day School UNDERSTANDS that well nourished brains are better able to attend, process, retain and recall new learning.  We provide students with the tools to nourish their brains.

HONORING our students’ interests and accomplishments outside of TDS is one of our passions.  We have displayed a “Braggin Rights” board to showcase the amazing experiences our students are involved in.

TDS uses assessments to help students ACHIEVE. NWEA provides a personalized assessment experience by adapting to each student’s learning level.

Our teachers certainly have a PASSION for engaging students each day.  School has only been in session for a few weeks and already students have been seen:

  • Investigating Crime scenes
  • Building models to prevent beach erosion
  • Earning Talon Tickets
  • Building reading stamina
  • Enjoying “Sacred Writing Time”
  • Sharing their summer reading reports
  • Learning about symmetry through graphic design
  • Creating original art while learning about geometry

CSI TDS – Hands On Science at TDS

A Parents Perspective

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A Parents Perspective

Straight From A Middle School Student

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  1. Customized Learning
  2. Specialized Education for Children with Learning Differences
  3. Proven Educational Approach
  4. A School Where Children Love to Learn
  5. Passionate Educators
  6. Strong Parental Community


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What Students and Parents

Have To Say

Support for Learning Differences “Our daughter was diagnosed with a reading/spelling disability in the 6th grade. We knew we needed to intervene immediately, so we enrolled her at Tampa Day School and their specialized reading program…As a parent, it’s difficult to measure a child’s improvement, but this one thing I do know, our daughter started devouring books, which had never happened before.”

Deborah D., Parent of a TDS Student
A Safe, Welcoming Environment “I’ve loved this school since the first day I came two years ago. Back then I was failing in math and history. I was welcomed with open arms by TDS staff and fellow students. I felt like I was home. I used to be bullied when I went to public school.. Back there I had no friends but at Tampa Day School I had friends the first day.”
— Chris, 8th Grade Student

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