5 Ways Tutoring Could Help Your Child This Year

What thoughts does the word “tutoring” conjure up in your mind? Does it feel positive and encouraging, or is the concept a little fuzzy? If you’re looking for a private school to give your child the added help they need to thrive, you might want to look for an educational setting with a responsive, supportive, and effective tutoring program.

Consider what Tampa Day School experts highlighted as the top 5 ways that struggling students can benefit from tutoring.

  1.  Tutoring Builds Confidence

Children who struggle with one or more learning issues often demonstrate discouragement that can spoil their school experience and hamper their progress. That discouragement can become a self-defeating cycle! The good news is that students who participate in tutoring begin to experience success that can lead to renewed confidence and interest in school. Even a modest level of progress can be the catalyst a child needs to exhibit a “can do” spirit.

  1.  It Helps Your Child Get — and Stay — Organized!

Well-qualified tutors craft each session to include skills beyond the basic academic areas. They’re intentional about coaching students in time management, planning, material organization, and study skills. Students learn how to break down tasks into manageable chunks, and that promotes more independence in academics and in life.

  1.  Students Are Viewed as Individuals

Effective tutoring isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Through a process of initial assessment, targeted intervention, supportive tutoring techniques, and progress monitoring, students with learning differences begin to trust that the tutor understands their individual needs and can provide the instruction needed to overcome the hurdles they face. Students generally stay engaged when they feel valued and understood.

  1.  It’s A Productive Link Between School and Home

Tutors help create an all-important collaboration between parents and teachers so students can apply what they’re learning in multiple settings. That transfer of learning — applying new skills at school and at home — is best accomplished when parents understand the goals and teaching techniques being used, and reinforce them when students are working independently. A good tutor bridges the gap between the home and the classroom.

  1.  Best Educational Practices = Solutions that Work

Truly effective tutoring is so much more than mere coaching! Well-qualified tutors use a variety of evidenced-based methods to help students overcome neurological processing deficits. Multisensory, one-on-one tutoring addresses the academic needs of students who have achievement gaps. There’s nothing haphazard or casual about these research-based methods, so this tutoring model typically yields a dramatic difference for students who have previously received less effective individual or group tutoring.

Check Out Tampa Day School’s Learning Solutions Tutoring Program

Tampa Day School is a private 2nd-8th grade school that helps students with learning differences achieve success and fulfillment in school. TDS’s optional tutoring program called Learning Solutions is generally recommended for kids whose academic skills fall more than one year below grade level. The TDS approach to tutoring is a school-based program which means it takes place during the regular school day, so kids can still be kids outside of school! Students enrolled elsewhere may participate in TDS’s Learning Solutions before and after school and on Saturdays.

Learn more about our tutoring program and discover what so many Tampa, FL, area parents have already found: when student confidence grows, academic gains generally follow!