Tuition, “$21,000”
Enrollment Fee*,$500

Materials Fee**,$575

Technology Fee, $150

Student Computer Fee (4th-8th grades), $425

The school tuition for 3rd-8th grade includes daily Homework Lab. Tuition costs do not include bus fees. Tuition Policies and rates are established in January of the preceding year. All policies and rates are subject to change.
*Enrollment fee is non-refundable.
**Materials fee includes workbooks, art, duplicated materials, planners, and binders.

Additional Services

Early and Extended Care

Early Care,7:30-8:15am,$5/day
After Care,3:45-6:00pm,$15/day
Activity Clubs, 4:00-5:00pm, Cost varies

Support Services 

Intensive 1-1 Tutoring Fee, (TDS student during school hours),$56/session
Tutoring Fee, (Non-TDS student),$76/session

Tutoring Fee,(All after school tutoring),$76/session

Testing Fee,” “,Cost varies

Speech, Language, and Occupational Therapy are available on-site through individual contracts with the providers.

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