Mitrakos, Jennifer-Assistant Principal

Jennifer has an M.S. in Educational Technology and a Post Master’s Certification in Educational Leadership. She began her career in education after graduating from Lehman College with a B.A. in Education in 1998. She is certified in Educational Leadership, Elementary Education, Gifted, Middle Grades Science, and ESOL.  Jennifer is dedicated to helping each teacher grow professionally so that they can optimally impact student success. As a Certified Kagan School Trainer, she provides teachers with the support they need to increase student engagement. As the Director of C/I, Jennifer ensures that instruction is aligned with best practices. She leads curriculum and instruction development, explores ways to incorporate technology and resources, and supports the teachers with instructional delivery by providing them with information about best practices. Married with 4 energetic kids, she loves to read, talk to her animals, and has a passion for technology.