Department: Upper Elementary

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Upper Elementary Science 5th/6th

Berberian, Jennifer Elementary Science 5th/6th

5/6 Grade

Photo and bio coming soon.

Upper Elementary, English/Language Arts

Carey, Cynthia-Upper Elementary Language Arts

5/6 Grade

Cynthia has over 20 years of teaching experience in public and private schools and provided years of private tutoring in a commercial tutoring program. She earned a B.S. in Elementary […]

Taylor Courbron, Enrichment Educator
Upper Elementary Enrichment

Courbron, Taylor Upper Elementary Enrichment

5/6 Grade

Taylor Courbron graduated with a B.S. from The University of Tampa. She graduated ESOL certified with an endorsement in reading. As a teacher, coach, and mentor, her experiences range across learning […]

Christie Kay-Upper Elementary Language Arts 5th
Upper Elementary Language Arts 5th

Kay, Christie-Upper Elementary Language Arts 5th

5/6 Grade

Christie is a member of our 5th/6th grade team.  She earned her B.S. in Elementary Education from the University of Maryland College Park and has an M.A. in Library and […]

Susan Ransone, Social Studies Teacher
Upper Elementary Social Studies

Ransone, Susan-Upper Elementary Social Studies

5/6 Grade

Susan joined the TDS in the spring of 2019 as the interim information technology instructor. In the fall of 2019, she joined the faculty as the fifth and sixth-grade social […]