Department: Middle School

 Staff Listing

Amy Stewart Tampa Day School Upper School Science Teacher
7/8 Grade Science

Stewart, Amy-7/8 Science

7/8 Grade

Amy graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Missouri-Rolla (currently Missouri University of Science and Technology) with a B.S. in Geological Engineering.  She spent a decade in the Environmental […]

Sofia Cowart-Middle School Writing 7th/8th
Middle School Writing 7th/8th

Cowart, Sophia-Middle School Writing 7th/8th

7/8 Grade

Sofia has over 21 years of teaching experience in public and private schools. She earned a B.S. in Elementary Education at FSU and holds a Florida Teaching Certificate.  While at […]

Jim Giles-Middle School Math 7th/8th
Middle School Math 7th/8th

Giles, Jim-Middle School Pre-Algebra/Algebra I 7th/8th

7/8 Grade

Jim earned a B.B.A. and an M.B.A. degree in Finance from the University of Georgia, an M.A. in Teaching from U.S.F., and is certified in Mathematics.  He brings to TDS […]

Physical Education

Gilliand, Amanda, Middle School Enrichment & Science 7th/8th

7/8 Grade

Amanda has been part of the TDS family since 2011, when one of her children attended lower school. She has held many roles at TDS since then, and the student population […]

Jace Retz Upper Division Civics and US History Teacher
Middle Division Civics and US History

Retz, Jace Middle School Civics and US History 7/8th Grade

7/8 Grade

Jace has taught social studies in grades 6-8 in public schools along Florida’s Gulf Coast for five years. He earned a B.A. in Secondary Education from Florida Gulf Coast University […]

Reading-7th & 8th Grade

Olson, Shelly-Middle School Reading

7/8 Grade

Shelly has over 21 years of teaching experience in Tampa. She earned her B.A. in Special Education and her M.A. in Reading Education from USF. She has held the roles […]