5 Ways to Help ADHD Kids with Responsibilty

Children with ADHD and anxiety often have a difficult time managing their own daily responsibility. These five tips will help your ADHD child stay organized, on-task, and learn valuable life skills.

  1. Stay organized-Use a planner to keep track of homework and tests dates.  Also keep assignments in a folder or binder and remember to clean out backpacks weekly.
  2. Timing in everything- If you have a hard time staying on task set small goals that can be completed in a certain time frame.  For example:  If your child has 20 math problems to complete, the goal may be to complete 10 of them in 15minutes.  Set a timer to help keep the pace.  After 15 minutes, take a 5 minute break (timed of course) and then set the timer again to resume the assignment.
  3. Routine, Routine, Routine- Establishing routines reinforces desired outcomes. Morning Routines may sound like this; “Is your Homework in your backpack?”  “Did you put your reading log in your folder?” “Did you pack your lunch?” “I need to sign your planner.”  Routines can help your child to be self-sufficient.  Morning routines can start with a checklist; wake up, brush teeth, eat breakfast, pack lunch, and check your backpack for homework and supplies.  ADDitude magazine has a great resource:  Routines that Really Work.
  4. Deter from Distractions-   Ensure that your child has a designated place to do homework. The place should be quite, organized, and have all supplies that may be needed.  Supplies should be easily accessible but stored neatly.  Avoid the use of televisions, cell phones, and music with words while working.   Reward on-task behavior with a brain break after 15-20 minutes of work.
  5. Model- Want your child to act a certain way, be organized, follow routines, be responsible, or do chores correctly?  Model the desired behaviors on a daily basis.  Parents are the first teachers to children. Children learn by watching the actions of others. Show them the actions to follow.

photo credit: Helen K via photopin cc