Areas We Serve: Palm Harbor

Our Palm Harbor students and families make a commute to Tampa Day School in about 35 minutes or less. They have found that our approach to education is unique, highly individualized, and more than worth the commute to really meet their students’ needs. Tampa Day School primarily accepts students with mild to moderate learning disabilities, dyslexia, anxiety, or ADHD, in grades 3-8.

A Day School That Honors Individual Needs

Part of our commitment at Tampa Day school is to understand each student’s individual needs, learning style, and educational goals. Our teachers maintain top credentials and bring all their experience and expertise to the table in their commitment to collaborating with engaged parents like you. Together, we will find the best ways to help your child thrive as they are learning! One of the most important things we’ve found over the years is that honoring the individual needs of students makes school less of a chore, and more of an adventure for them.

About Palm Harbor, FL

If you’re new to the area, or considering a move to Palm Harbor, welcome! The historic downtown area of Palm Harbor is home to many festivals and fairs throughout the year. Much of the city is residential, with immediate access to shopping, dining, and entertainment amenities. Of course, you’re very, very close to the Gulf Beaches that are the envy of much of the country. Tampa Day School is delighted to welcome our Palm Harbor neighbors!

Visiting Tampa Day School

Palm Harbor is almost due west of our campus at 12606 Henderson Road, Tampa, FL, 33625. If you are just getting to know us, we have a lot to share with you, and many questions we’d like to ask! What are your particular education needs and goals? Are there frustrations with your child’s education that you’re dealing with? We want to know! Please come by for a tour so we can show you more of what’s available at Tampa Day School.