Science Fair

Heads up! Did you catch the ball?

Our eighth graders spent a month researching and designing their Science Fair projects. One of the winning entries studied the speed of human reaction time to catch a ball.

Samantha Weiland, the TDS Science Teacher, combined science and executive functioning skills for this project. The students utilized time management, organizational skills, and resiliency to complete the projects. Since Science Fair projects can be trying, students were allowed to choose a subject matter based on their personal interests, which helped maintain their motivation to complete it. The Scientific Method was followed throughout the process.

The projects were evaluated by three judges. First place went to Camila Gallardo, who chose a project titled ‘How Fast is Your Reaction Time’. Second place went to Jason Goldstein, who designed an Earth Science project using lava, and third place was taken by Hope Bain, with a Presto Magnetic project.

All our eighth graders worked hard and should be very proud of themselves. We certainly are!