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7 Superb Resources for Dyslexic Students and their Parents

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For some parents, it is a relief when their child receives a dyslexia diagnosis. Finally, his or her learning challenges can be better understood and met. For other parents, it is an overwhelming time filled with uncertainty. They might wonder, “What does the future look like for my child?” “Will we need to change schools?” “Where do we even begin?”

Regardless of where you stand on the journey, there is one thing all parents of dyslexic children have in common: the desire to learn more about their child’s disorder and to help them as best they can.

At TDS, we believe the single best way parents can serve their child is to find a specialized learning environment that is supportive and challenging, especially throughout the foundational years.  Additionally, there are a number of other resources parents can utilize to support their students’ learning. Here are our top eight.


Dyslexia Advantage Subscription

Dyslexia Advantage is a digital magazine that provides articles about best practices for working with children and adolescents with dyslexia (e.g., modifications for writing, what to do about foreign language, how to solve math problems, etc.). Parents benefit from videos demonstrating strategies and modifications, information about helpful technologies, free printables, and other accommodations available.

Learning Ally

Learning Ally is a not-for-profit organization providing support for dyslexic students through 80,000 human-read audiobooks. Students can easily customize reading speed and font size while highlighting and taking notes as they listen. Learning Ally also offers a brief online dyslexia screening tool and helpful resource guides for parents.

C-Pen Reader

Many students with dyslexia benefit greatly from a C-Pen Reader, a portable, pocket-sized device that reads text aloud. The C-Pen can scan and provide dictionary descriptions of words and serves a dual purpose as a voice recorder if students wish to take notes orally.

Google Docs

Many students and parents don’t realize that Google Docs offers dictation capability which equals the playing field when it comes to writing. Google Docs also fully integrates with Google Classroom, meaning the student with dyslexia won’t have to use a different app when working in class.

Mod Math

Mod Math is an innovative app for solving math problems on graph paper using the iPad. This app has proven extremely helpful for helping students with dyslexia and dysgraphia improve their math skills. There is a free version and a premium version available for $4.99.

International Dyslexia Association (IDA)

The IDA hosts an array of conferences and workshops for parents and professionals. From fact sheets to learning resources, this is a great website for anyone supporting a child with dyslexia. Visit to start learning.

A Free Resource Guide for Parents

Tampa Day School has created its own resource guide for parents. If your child has recently received a dyslexia diagnosis, download it today for tips on supporting your child, understanding their disorder, and choosing the best school available.




Dyslexia Is Your Child Struggling with This?

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When a parent or teacher recognizes that something isn’t clicking as a child is learning to read, it’s normal to search for answers on the road to a complete diagnosis and response plan. Reading issues can be difficult to diagnose, but dyslexia is sometimes the culprit. Did you know that dyslexic students can often develop at or above age-level expectations in most areas, and may even have advanced comprehension and reasoning skills? Those factors can complicate matters for parents – or even teachers in a standard classroom – as they try to accurately diagnose dyslexia.

Many parents come to us wondering whether their child might have dyslexia. Here are five common indicators that our Tampa Day School (TDS) staff looks for as they make an assessment.

Letter Naming
Does your child struggle with slow and inaccurate letter naming, despite repeated practice? This is often a clear and early predictor of reading difficulty, but it can be misunderstood by caring parents who assume that a child isn’t studying enough or simply lacks motivation.

Rhyming Issues
Kids who have difficulty recognizing rhyming patterns (hat, cat, sat), or learning basic nursery rhymes often have dyslexia.

It’s Hard!
A child who complains that reading is too hard, or who understands a story that is read to her but struggles to comprehend what she reads to herself may be struggling with dyslexia. These students often cannot read common, one-syllable words (cat, top, dog) or remember short words that can’t be sounded out (of, the, on).

Pronunciation Woes
Mispronouncing words or persistently using “baby talk” can be an indicator of dyslexia. That can extend to difficulty in associating letter symbols with the corresponding sound.

Following the Rules
Dyslexia may be the culprit if students have problems learning spelling rules, or if they persist in spelling words the way they sound.

Tampa Day School Can Help
A complete analysis and diagnosis involves many other factors, including an assessment of prenatal and birth history, understanding any family history of struggling readers, learning about a child’s speech delays, as well as evaluating other health issues, prior educational opportunities, and previous interventions attempted.

Dyslexic students are often bright and capable children, but without the right kind of intervention they can suffer academically, lose confidence, and experience low self-esteem. It’s estimated that 30 percent of students with dyslexia also have ADHD, and that’s another area that Tampa Day School can readily address!

Fortunately, our TDS educators know how to accurately recognize the learning struggles your child is facing. And just as importantly, they know how to develop a plan to successfully address y

our child’s unique educational needs. Tampa Day School is a private, 2nd – 8th grade school that blends a traditional curriculum with small class sizes, a personalized approach, and evidenced-based programs to address a wide range of learning differences.

If you’re a Tampa area parent of an elementary or middle school child with mild to moderate learning disabilities, download our prospective parent brochure to learn how we can help!

Top 5 apps that every student needs to stay organized and focused

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Tablets, iPads, and Apps, Oh My!  Today there is an app for everything; manage tasks, edit photos, pay bills, and gather coupons. While working with students who have ADHD, Dyslexia, Anxiety and Executive Function concerns, I have found several excellent apps that help them stay organized and focused.

Check out the top five apps that every student needs to stay organized and focused:

  1. Sure you can use a traditional planner to write down assignments but why not add some novelty to your agenda?  Check out the myHomework app to use on any smartphone or tablet.  Using this app, students can enter assignments, due dates, and even receive alerts to remind them when assignments are due.
  2.  Does your child forget assignments at home?  Has he ever lost his flash drive and can’t complete an assignment.  Sign up for a free Dropbox account and say goodbye to the disappearing digital documents.
  3. Does your child need some tools to track thoughts and emotions?  Try the Momento app.  This app is a digital journal
  4. Brain breaks are an excellent way to provide opportunities for short breaks from academic work to rejuvenate and refocus the brain.  Here are a few apps that are great when kids need a break:  Zentomino, Where’s My Water, and Optical Illusions.  These apps can be found in iTunes.
  5. Backpack?  “Check”. Lunch? “Check”. Planner? “Check”.  Use the To-Do Lists, found in the iTunes store, to prevent the morning mayhem.  Students or parents can create any checklist needed to assist with daily routines.




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