What is UHA!?

An Important Acronym Explained If you’ve spent any time around Tampa Day School, you’ve likely heard the expression “UHA!” It’s more than a greeting or enthusiastic chant; it’s an acronym that embodies our mission and describes how we help children succeed.  U-H-A stands for Understand, Honor, and Achieve! We Understand our students and why they’ve […]

7 Superb Resources for Dyslexic Students and their Parents

For some parents, it is a relief when their child receives a dyslexia diagnosis. Finally, his or her learning challenges can be better understood and met. For other parents, it is an overwhelming time filled with uncertainty. They might wonder, “What does the future look like for my child?” “Will we need to change schools?” […]

Tampa Day School Expert Series: Anxiety

How does anxiety affect your child’s education? Since we all deal with some level of worry, frustration, or fear, it’s hard for many of us to understand the very real differences between normal stress and potentially debilitating anxiety. Lois Delaney, Tampa Day School’s Head of School, unpacks the differences and explains how research-based strategies can […]

5 Ways Tutoring Could Help Your Child This Year

What thoughts does the word “tutoring” conjure up in your mind? Does it feel positive and encouraging, or is the concept a little fuzzy? If you’re looking for a private school to give your child the added help they need to thrive, you might want to look for an educational setting with a responsive, supportive, […]

Dyslexia Is Your Child Struggling with This?

  When a parent or teacher recognizes that something isn’t clicking as a child is learning to read, it’s normal to search for answers on the road to a complete diagnosis and response plan. Reading issues can be difficult to diagnose, but dyslexia is sometimes the culprit. Did you know that dyslexic students can often […]

6 Tips for School Success with ADHD: Yes, It’s Possible!

For parents of kids with ADHD, it should be affirming to know that October is ADHD Awareness Month. It’s definitely a reminder that you are not alone! We understand the unique challenges of ADHD for students, but we also celebrate the opportunities that exist for success…and there are many!  When parents ask what strategies our […]

5 Ways to End the Homework Hassle

Let’s play a game of word association. If I say “homework,” what comes to your mind? Is it the highlight of your evening and family bonding time or tears and hassles?  I know the answer to this question! The amount of stress homework produces, on a daily basis, can be destructive to families and frequently […]

The New Meaning of RTI (Response to Intervention)

The timeline to receiving an ADHD diagnosis can be varied depending on how much a parent or guardian advocates for intervention and a diagnosis.  As young as three, I felt that my son was struggling to meet the benchmarks for a child his age.  He always seemed a bit behind, slightly not focused, and overly […]

Be on the Look-Out: ADHD Boy with a Blankie

Mother of four but feels like much more.  Sound familiar?  Some days I thrive and some days I survive.  Having an 11 year old with ADHD and as an educator for children who learn differently, I am well aware of ADHD behaviors.  I do my best to be proactive to avoid emotional meltdowns and behaviors […]

If the Morning Routine Leaves You Feeling Like You Ran a Marathon, Your Child May Have ADHD.

As I began to reflect on the day of a life of a child with ADHD, it became readily apparent that capturing snapshots from the period between getting up and going to school would provide more than enough information about how challenging a typical routine can become when a child experiences symptoms of ADHD-distractibility, impulsivity […]



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