10 Essential Elements

It’s these 10 elements that make Tampa Day School work for Grade 2-8 students with ADHD, dyslexia, and learning differences.

Our Success Formula for children with ADHD.

At Tampa Day School, our mission is summarized by UHA!: We Understand, Honor, and Accommodate diverse learners, and we do it with passion! Everything we do stems from the UHA! principles. This includes the 10 Essential Elements of the Tampa Day School Success Model:

1. A Customized Curriculum for children with ADHD

Each child has a unique learning style. A child learns best when teaching is personalized to fit the way he or she learns, rather than forcing the child to learn the way the school teaches. At Tampa Day School, every teacher strives to understand how your child learns best and to utilize that style in every teachable moment.

2. High Academic Expectations

A Tampa Day School education is never watered down. It is a solid, age-appropriate, college-preparatory experiences that will prepare your child well for further studies. Our academics are research-based and multisensory.

3. Integrated Executive Function Skills

Executive function is the ability to plan and organize oneself to accomplish a goal. Your child will learn executive function skills in every aspect of a Tampa Day School education, to best prepare for future education opportunities as well as life beyond school. It is the first thing we think about when we interact with a child, and it is the last thing we teach at the end of every day.

4. Painless and Intelligent Homework

It is imperative that children with ADHD learn how to effectively manage homework before entering high school and college, so we focus on developing these critical skills. Homework at Tampa Day School is individualized, manageable, and relevant. It is never busy work and should not be a source of frustration.

5. Passionate and Highly Qualified Teachers

Out teachers are passionate, experienced, and dynamic. Most of our teachers have specialized training, a Master’s degree, or both. They receive regular, ongoing training in order to continually develop their teaching and assessment skills.

6. Collaboration With Medical and Educational Providers

At Tampa Day School, we are part of a team working together to ensure your child’s success. This includes coordination with other professionals, including physicians who are managing medication, psychologists and counselors, speech and language specialists, occupational therapists, and outside tutors.

7. Constant Evaluation of Academic Progress

Our teachers continuously evaluate each student’s academic progress. This is done through daily assessments, anecdotal observations, and more formalized testing such as the NWEA MAP assessment given three times per year.

8. Manage the Environment, Not the Child

At Tampa Day School, we believe success is largely dependent upon managing the environment. We emphasize routines and transitions throughout the day. When a difficulty arises, we analyze the antecedents in order to determine where changes might be needed.

9. Partner With Parents

A strong partnership with parents is critical to the success of each student. This partnership begins with the initial interview and continues with daily communications, a monthly open forum for all parents, and parents visiting the classroom.

10. We Make It Fun!

Learning should be enjoyable. Children who pursue education (rather than endure it) will be far more successful in the future. At Tampa Day School, we provide a great college-prep education while enjoying ourselves every day in the process.

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