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The New Meaning of RTI (Response to Intervention)


The timeline to receiving an ADHD diagnosis can be varied depending on how much a parent or guardian advocates for intervention and a diagnosis.  As young as three, I felt that my son was struggling to meet the benchmarks for a child his age.  He always seemed a bit behind, slightly not focused, and overly […]

Be on the Look-Out: ADHD Boy with a Blankie


Mother of four but feels like much more.  Sound familiar?  Some days I thrive and some days I survive.  Having an 11 year old with ADHD and as an educator for children who learn differently, I am well aware of ADHD behaviors.  I do my best to be proactive to avoid emotional meltdowns and behaviors […]

If the Morning Routine Leaves You Feeling Like You Ran a Marathon, Your Child May Have ADHD.


As I began to reflect on the day of a life of a child with ADHD, it became readily apparent that capturing snapshots from the period between getting up and going to school would provide more than enough information about how challenging a typical routine can become when a child experiences symptoms of ADHD-distractibility, impulsivity […]

5 Ways to Help ADHD Kids with Responsibilty


Children with ADHD and anxiety often have a difficult time managing their own daily responsibility. These five tips will help your ADHD child stay organized, on-task, and learn valuable life skills. Stay organized-Use a planner to keep track of homework and tests dates.  Also keep assignments in a folder or binder and remember to clean […]

Delaney’s Deliberations: Between Wild and Wise


What happened between wild and wise? I used to like to be considered wild, but now, at 65 years of years of age, I feel I have earned the right to be considered wise. You know, “A wise old woman once told me….” Well, I want to be that “wise old woman” (there is still […]

Amanda’s Story- 8th Grade Girl with ADHD and Math Anxiety


There are many ways anxiety can manifest in school-age children, including difficulties separating from parents, specific fears about certain subjects (e.g., math, writing), bouts of test anxiety, stigmatizing social anxiety or generalized anxiety. It is not uncommon for these children to “keep it together” all day as model students only to “melt down” and “fall […]

Top 5 apps that every student needs to stay organized and focused


Tablets, iPads, and Apps, Oh My!  Today there is an app for everything; manage tasks, edit photos, pay bills, and gather coupons. While working with students who have ADHD, Dyslexia, Anxiety and Executive Function concerns, I have found several excellent apps that help them stay organized and focused. Check out the top five apps that […]

Welcome to the Tampa Day School Blog!


The concept behind the Tampa Day School blog is simple-we strive to express the daily joys and challenges of parenting, teaching and being a student with ADHD, Anxiety, Dyslexia or mild learning disabilities and to provide tips and resources for people in the critical role of supporting these children who often face daily hurdles. The […]



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