How We’re Different

How can children find success at Tampa Day School when they haven’t found it in a traditional school environment?

Our program was specially designed for students with dyslexia, ADHD, and learning differences—and that makes all the difference.

At Tampa Day School, students with dyslexia, ADHD and learning differences who have previously not been successful in a traditional school environment, now achieve success daily, while still in a school environment. So what’s different about our school that allows this to happen?

Teaching Styles

Our teachers break down learning experiences and large assignments into “do-able” steps while presenting instruction through hands-on activities. We offer students with dyslexia and learning differences choices on how they best demonstrate mastery, and use the MAP assessment to guide instruction. In addition to the more traditional goals of teaching core subject content, we work closely with students to identify how they learn best and then help them to develop strategies to tackle difficult learning challenges.


Our curriculum encompasses all of the academic subjects as well as physical education, art, music, technology, and drama productions. Laptop technology is integrated in the middle and upper schools, and throughout the school there are relevant field trips, interactive discussions, and productive fun on a daily basis. Unlike a traditional school, throughout the curriculum there’s an emphasis on daily planning, strategies to improve organizational and study skills, homework management, and guided support for long-term projects.


Character education is not a class to take, but a way of life at Tampa Day School. Students are guided and challenged to encourage and support each other, treat faculty and peers with respect, give back to their community, and individually put forth their best effort in all they do.

At Tampa Day School, we know that it is our responsibility to find the unique key that opens the door to learning for each child.

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It was like having a family in and out of school. I felt at home, and it’s been great getting the one-on-one help.

Roberto, 8th Grade Student

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