Children With ADHD

Discover how Tampa Day School’s specialized program works for students with ADHD.

How Does ADHD Affect Learning?

ADHD can be very disabling in a culture that places a premium on organization and the ability to plan and anticipate the future. Most traditional classrooms are not set up to teach a child how to develop better attention and organization. Rather, when a teacher does address these behaviors, it is usually in a critical way, bringing negative attention to the child. Eventually, such frequent criticism has a significant impact on self-esteem.

Why is Tampa Day a Great ADHD School?

The academic program at Tampa Day School is built upon a rich, 40-year history of educating children who learn differently. Tampa Day School can help your child with ADHD through a unique educational approach that includes:

  • A specially designed environment that limits distractions
  • A focused approach to “time” – separating the day into “chunks” to help students prioritize their responsibilities and complete their work in a structured manner, allowing them to experience success
  • Employing highly experienced teachers who are further trained to implement an individualized approach to learning for each student, focused on learning styles
  • Small classes (8-12 children per class)
  • Ungraded classrooms with individualized assignments (K-3rd grade)
  • Teaching to skill mastery (not just an academic grade) and learning styles
  • Continual professional development in new teaching strategies and review to ensure the use of the most effective curriculum methodology
  • Integrated executive function skill-building, without destroying the creative individuality of each child
  • Understanding and accommodating each child’s unique learning style
  • Utilizing multisensory learning approaches

Furthermore, the Tampa Day School model relies on the intrinsic principle that all teachers who interact with each child must understand what educational approaches are currently being utilized. Therefore, there is constant communication and knowledge sharing among all teachers through team meetings so that, for instance, the music and PE teacher know how the reading teacher is capitalizing on a child’s strengths and can then apply this approach in the music room or on the soccer field.

Learn more about ADHD on our ADHD Fact Sheet.

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