Academic Program

What does Tampa Day School’s academic program consist of?

However, we are not your typical special needs school. There are no reduced expectations here. Our students with ADHD are presented with many of the same textbooks and materials as students in traditional schools, but in a manner that more closely matches their individual learning styles. Supplemental materials are carefully researched and then incorporated to enhance student learning.

The Academic Program Includes:

  • A full curriculum emphasizing both group and individualized instruction in reading, math, spelling, and writing, as well as classes in science, social studies, physical education, music, and the arts
  • Nurturing relationships between teachers and students which foster academic growth and self-esteem
  • Daily opportunities for success in academic areas
  • Age-appropriate grouping of students in classes and by division level
  • Supplemental materials and instructional approaches designed to match a variety of learning styles and needs
  • Teaching to mastery level
  • Technology, word processing, and web-based research skills integrated into the curriculum
  • High academic expectations for each student with ADHD
  • Inclusion of┬ástudents in goal-setting, promoting a constant emphasis on achieving a personal best
  • Therapeutic solutions to help students learn to overcome, cope with, or compensate for any deficits in order to function at their optimum potential intellectually, academically, socially, and emotionally

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Jennifer is graduating in a few weeks. Something that was hard to conceive 5 years ago. A big turning point in Jen’s academic and social life was when she enrolled at Tampa Day School…we credit your great guidance and your great teachers with putting Jen back on the right track.

David and Monica, Parents of a TDS Alumna

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